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Game Info:

Assemble your dwarf legion and annihilate tons of orcs! This game provides a refreshing combat experience, cleverly integrating RPG growth, roguelike adventures, and auto-chess. It's fast-paced yet rich in strategic depth.

Idea: ichbinhamma
Programming: ichbinhamma
Art: ichbinhamma

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(86 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Fantasy, Indie, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Tactical
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button

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brb iv maxed everything but since this is on itch there is so much more i cant get

can someone tell me how do do loot dupe so i can acually get past the stage where u have to fight 3-4 op enimys

hi guys im back

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Do you plan to release this game on Itchio?

Currently there are no plans to do that, but I might reconsider in the future.

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why not update the  demo i would like to buy the steam version but I am afraid of crash issue, and I also found out that you can tab dead retire person and dup gear which makes infinite money.

There have been substantial updates to the game, which do no longer allow for an easy WebGL build.

Currently, there are no known crash or exploit issues with the Steam version. 

So, how does the duping work?

I had not play this demo for about 6 months because there was some crash issue. I spent 8+ hours playing it (not in fullscreen coz it stil crashes) an then it crashed. I have not been able to get it to run more than 5 minutes before it crashes (even if you do nothing and watch the menu screen) - until about 2.5 hours ago, when I started again after a wipe, now I have maybe 40 wins - the thing that is triggering the crash now, is swapping from Tier 1 Fire Staff (1-2 DMG) to a Tier 1 Ice staff (6-11 DMG) - I think the animations might have something to do with it - besides that, in the dev console there are a hell of a lot of "Violations" , "Promise not caught" exceptions, and other JavaScript errors _constantly_ - I have not played the Steam Version yet


my tab died




Whomst requires sufficient grades to pass school when thy hath amazing roguelikes.


i have discovered that 8 healers and 2 thieves can almost win any scenario. just don't fight fire mages or anything with a lot of healers themselves

Is there a plan to bring the Steam version to Mac?

It's on the ToDo list, but I don't know when I will find the time...

pls give a bit more love to itch pls like let it have the forge, i dont really care about graphics, and mabey work more on bringing the upgrades to be unlocked o

Sorry, but the new version is no longer able to run in the browser.

theives the goat


rock and stone and all that

i cannot play anymore because it is run on crazygames which is banned here!

Great fun and cool mechanics!

I just did a video of the demo and I just realized you have a newer early access version on Steam! Shucks. Ill have to give that version a try! I really like the game it's very addictive! 

Thank you! Yeah the EA version just released a few days ago!


what i really need is mythic assasin gear

omg thunder mages just wreck me i had to adbandon for 2 times in a row and i had the thunder artifact..

ok ill be waiting for it to be on itch :>

how the tf 2 in a row

wtf wtf wtf how

wot i dont got a forge what is the forge?

The upcoming features will be available on Steam next week!

omg i need the extra upgrades are they avilable on itch

The full game will only be available on Steam (for now).

stick thank u so much

How do artifacts work? I am trying to equip a poison vial the only way the game has shown me to, by picking up the vial and left clicking my thief. But the vial does not equip. In fact it would not equip to any of my dwarfs. help

There are 2 smaller squares below each dwarf that can hold the artifacts :)

Thank you great dwarf leader

I like this game!

was working perfectly for many months now, but i noticed this is an updated version, adn I know 32bit Raspberry Pi OS also updates audio DLL's recently, so can someone confirm on currently available Chrome Browser, current game version c0.8.6 crashes after fist background music ends.

Is there a way to save?

The game auto-saves after every battle.

what does inspire do?

Should say so in the Guide: increase attack speed and movement speed for all dwarves by 25% for 5 seconds.

how do i retreat? i cant seem to retreat

This feature is only available in the Steam demo (for now)

don't tell him I told you this, but there is still a way to retreat.

just back out of the game and go back in. The game treat it as if you retreated.

I just exit the game, although it doesn't save anything after the most recent battle you won


Also, would it be possible to show the base stats of every dwarf next to the gear enabled stats?  E.g. WIS 72 (50), where the number in the bracket is the base stat.

You can see the base stat of each dwarf when you hover over them in the detailed view (Inventory -> click on EXP bar over the dwarf)

I have noticed that the retreat capability is disabled after logging out of the game - even if paid for.  This has caught me out a couple of times when I have resumed a game and forgot to go to the Shop.

Yeah, the white flag/retreat capability is only per session. When you log out and come back you need to motivate your dwarves again. They don't like fleeing.


You haven't met my dwarves; they love fleeing.

why cant i modify some names or change some names......

You can only use English letters without numbers, 3-16 characters.

why does my screen not scroll along with my units suddenly? it used to.......

The tutorial should have taught you that you can switch between automatic and manual camera with right-click...

and what is a "level"?

The level of the character (as in most RPGs).

;-; i neeeeed more updates and i cant unblock steam with my unblocker


I think he's a child, and his school gave him a computer to use with restrictions, and one of those is banning steam.

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