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Game Info:

Manage your clan of dwarves and lead them to victory! Survive as many battles as possible. You start with 500 gold and 3 dwarves. Every round consists of 3 phases: 

1) Event Phase 

Every round starts with the selection of an event. The player gets to choose from 3 options. There are 3 types of events: BUY, RECRUIT and BATTLE.

 ⦁ BUY: buy an item for the amount of gold that is displayed

 ⦁ RECRUIT: recruit an additional dwarf to your clan for the amount of gold that is displayed. Dwarf stats may vary!

 ⦁ BATTLE: fight the group of enemies that is displayed, this will transition the game into phase 2 

2) Battle Preparation Phase

Manage the position and equipment of each individual dwarf or sell items. 

3) Battlefield 

The battlefield features auto combat. Watch how the battle unfolds based on your previous decisions! If a dwarf dies here, his death will be permanent. If a dwarf has an ultimate ability (shown on the main weapon/shield) he will activate that automatically if his mana pool is full. The amount of mana regenerated is influenced by the wisdom stat.

Idea: ichbinhamma
Programming: ichbinhamma
Art: ichbinhamma

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Fantasy, Indie, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Tactical
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button


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can you please make the fire orc either come later or rework it, maybe give its ability a pierce of two or three, I just had a game where I finally got 5 units early on, and everyone got one shot and half of them hadn't been hit

I'm not sure if this was overlooked but I found out that if 2 dwarves show up in the shop at the same time, they both stay same price after purchasing one

Yup, in this case you are lucky and you get a discount! It's a feature not a bug.

I also wanted to ask if there will be a heal falloff as the fight continues because while in the same run, the orcs had 9 healers(5 banners 4 shamen) to my 4 healers( 2 divine and 2 water) and the fight took like 10 minutes to finish since both parties were maintained pretty high hp

There is no falloff, but a complete stop: After 3 minutes all priests/supporters will use their ultimate one last time and then engage in melee combat. As their melee combat abilities are not the best, the fight might drag on for a while though...


bro my banner guy is faster than Usain bolt

What does the ultimate "Stossgebet" do?


Heal your lowest dwarf for 4*Intelligence. You can find a description of everything in the "Guide" section. "Guide" can be accessed through the Main Menu or by pressing 'ESC' in the preparation phase.


Loving it so far! Good job



very love the game, the perma death make it more fun to play and to try diferent combination, keep it up dude. great game

Love the game! Currently stopped at 100 battles won (so far 200+ total).

1) I wish I could see the individual equipment stats that are equipped. As well as unequip specific equipment. The only way right now is to equip another item.

2) Equipment compendium of some sort. That way I can see all the possible items and know what to hunt for. At the very least, a list that makes them hidden until they're purchased/seen in store for the first time.

3) The RNG for items in the shop is really wonky IMO. My first run of 95 battles never saw a single piercing shot bow. My second run of 100 battles saw only one flame staff.

4) Bows in general have terrible accuracy. Something about this needs to be fixed or updated to feel a lot better. Even against a large crowd, It will miss because it undershoots a lot.

5) The later stages of the game, I was heavily reliant on pierce and AoE. As such, flame staff, piercing bow, and the 2-handed hammers were the only viable options. There needs to be more balancing for the other types for later game stages. 

6) Rarity should be clearly visible without hovering for the colored name. 

7) While I enjoyed the concept of the weapons identifying the class and thus the stat growth per level, I want more control in stat allocation. But, I also understand that's the point of the system, so I'm a bit torn on this.

8) Do bows not scale its damage (nor its ultimate) off of any given stat? It seems like the base damage of the bow is all there is to it. This feels bad. But if I'm wrong, it needs to be clarified in the Guide, too.

9) I like the Guide section! But some of that info could be provided during the game, too. For example, underneath the ultimate names, there can be a small text description of what it does.

10) It's not specified how energy/mana is replenished. I have determined it's based on each basic attack recovers Wisdom stat amount. So, a dwarf with 50 Wisdom will recover 100 energy/mana in 2 basic attacks. This should be clarified in the Guide (it may be and I missed it, though).

11) Enemy mages and archers are SIGNIFICANTLY more threatening than the melee ones in mid and end-game. By rerolling strictly for melee enemies, I can avoid the ranged mobs. This has to be balanced somehow. Like ranged units deal 0.5x dmg to other ranged units for both sides since they're already squishier.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to future updates. :)

Thanks for playing and taking the time to give feedback!

Let me try to answer your points:

1) That is a planned feature for a future update.

2) I like it. I'll put it on the TODO list.

3) RNG is what it is... I try to balance this a bit by removing beginner items from the shop if you progress further.

4) It's because of their short hands! But tbh it is just really hard to determine where the arrow has to hit as the melee jostling is very dynamic.

5) Yes, I'm aware. Balancing is still a WIP.

6) Yeah, this will be updated soon.

7) I implemented this system because I thought it will get too tedious to open each individual dwarves stats and add the points manually after every level up. But maybe some changes will happen to this in the future.

8) They do not scale with any other stat no, But as bows have very high min - max attack this number is affected a lot by item rarity. Feels wrong to scale it with STR, and if it would be scaled with DEX it might get too powerful.

9) Good point, I'm just afraid that the UI becomes too cluttered then. But I'll experiment with this.

10) It says in the Guide "Increases Mana Regeneration by 1 (Base is 15)", but maybe it is not clear enough that this will happen on every attack.

11) I'm working on a better composition of enemy team setups. Basically like premade warbands for the enemies with a more balanced setup. There will be artifacts introduced soon, which have passive effects like reducing magic damage, etc.

(1 edit)

Apparently 42 speed thief is so fast my camera can't catch up to it, because of this I want to see hp bars at the bottom of the screen. Since I can see the theif's hp I'm like watch this guy run into a crowd of cleavers.

Edit: Also 42 speed is fast enough for him to run ahead of the entire party and get first melee hit in even though I placed him in the back slot

Haha, yeah you know, dwarves are natural sprinters.

You can actually display hp bars in the Options (Main Menu or by pressing 'ESC'). I just need to make some update that all the hp bars stay in the camera view.

I think you need to upgrade the speed of your knights then a bit :D


I was playing and my team (image) got very strong. i tough i would never lose. Then i left the computer for a few minutes and i had left the fight going. once i came back, everyone was dead. it was funny, mainly because i tough my team was invincible lol.

Ok, now some things about the game (sorry if bad english):

1:i would love if there was a way to right click a character and see all the equiped armor and stuff

2:once you enter a fight, there is no music, but it would be cool if there was.

3:in my opininon the main menu is too boring,

thats it, not a lot of things.

btw im excited for the skill tree

Thanks for playing. You should not leave your dwarves alone in battle!

1) That is a planned feature.

2) There should be music (unless you turned it off in the options?)

3) I see, maybe I can add a few animations later.


This game is incredible. No one's making games like this anymore, particularly for browser. I love the items, the animation, and the art. I'm so impressed you've done all this by yourself.

Thank you so much for the kind words :)

Cool game, i hope it gets more attention


So I'm not entirely sure how to word this report-- but the exe version of this game is doing weird things to my computer.

For one it's pinning my GPU to the absolute maximum it can go to at all times which doesn't make sense given the game. 

And secondly its making my computer make very strange high pitched noises-- which might be related to the GPU thing, I've never heard anything like it in my life. So I should probably look into my gpu- but no other game is doing that even when I run the most GPU intensive games I own.

Yeah something to be aware of. Very strange.

I mean it might just be me and my system but I have no way of knowing because the game is the only X-factor.  

Im running a Radeon 6600XT on a Ryzen 7 5800X processor. 


If I were you, I would really look into my system...

This should not be happening, and I did not receive any similar reports.

(2 edits) (+1)

I mean that's fair, and I am definitely going to. But it's also only this specific game that does it. I tested like 20 other games and no other game had this issue at all. 

Like why would the GPU get pinned on this game-- on the title screen no less-- but not something like Cyberpunk 2077 with maxed out settings. That doesn't make sense and I can't even remotely understand why it would happen besides something in the game code/settings.  

I tested a bunch of other unity games as well. All normal-- no problems. Nothing pinning the GPU at its max. Most games don't even take the GPU past 10-20% utilization. And even the most GPU intensive only sit around 60-80%.  

The only difference I could easily find was in the Runtime Initialization AptivePerformance was turned on for this game. No other Unity game I checked had that.

Do I know if that's the issue? No idea. It was the only difference I could find with what I can check on my end. 

All I know for certain is that this game is the only game to have the issue. And its very strange for only one specific game to have issues if its a system problem. So-- its at least worth mentioning


Thank you very much for investigating. I will look into this, it is indeed very strange.


The issue should be fixed with the latest update.


So it still does it for about 1-2 seconds when launching the game but then everything goes back to normal / what I would expect and I haven't noticed any issues after that. So still a little weird-- but obviously significantly better! 


I just reported the same problem on Discord and this was pointed out to me. Coincidentally also running 6600XT on Ryzen  5800X.


that was pretty fun! i like that you can see how much damage each dwarf dealt/received for the battle, it really helps you see how much each is contributing :D

this game is really cool and i think it can be even better when new updates come. In the current state, i feel like the game is too... silent. the shop barely has sounds effects. (btw i just played 2 runs, but will play more after this comment)


Thanks for playing! I will upgrade the shop sounds in one of the next patches.


Hey man saw this on Splattercat's video really neat and fun game I played until 27 wins.

I have a some recommendations for you if you'd like, 

1.) firstly when you get to later levels there just isn't anything to do and a lot of the items are called epic names like the archer of the sun helmet but it isn't that good there needs to be more items that are far greater than anything else so you are excited to find them.

2.) to put briefly the archery sucks a lot, I had the best bow in the game and decked my guy out and he didn't do anything, they are too inaccurate and do too little damage for how often they shoot. 

3.) there needs to be a sounds when you sell an item and when you click refresh and stuff like that also just ambient music the music sounds epic here but when it runs out it gets very quite when your just comparing items.

4.) sometimes your guys yeet an enemy really far away and you just waiting for them to get to one guy that is low on health even though you know you won its a bit annoying.

5.) lastly the UI needs major improvement e.g. dont show me stats that are unchanged by the item just adds clutter and use symbols for the stats, also the game is sometimes a little unresponsive you have to wait a bit to hover hover and get the stats dont know if that's the game or because the servers are a little stressed though.

anyways that's all of got for now good luck developing the game.


Thanks for playing my game!

1.) Agree. There are currently 70 different items in the game, but I only recently started adding gear that will drop after a certain amount of battles (e.g. Worldbreaker/Titan and White Reaver gear). There is more to come.

2.) The archer shines when there are more enemies (especially with the Piercing Shot). Also it has to be balanced as he usually does not receive any retaliation damage like the melee fighters. There are plans to improve your archer via the skill tree later though (e.g. by shooting 2 arrows instead of 1, improving his accuracy).

3.) Yup.

4.) You don't like watching your dwarves do a little cardio? I do get your point though, but I can't really think of a solution right now.

5.) I'll look into it.


Any chance for a Linux build so I can play on my steamdeck?

There is a chance, but it is not a very high priority right now...

(2 edits)

3rd run... needs more content.

After 30 wins it's just the same content with swarming leveled-up enemies. You cant even see who's doing what. It becomes monotonous

The rerolling doesn't feel meaningful after 20 battles. Also why are the enemies darkened in the battle phase? You can just check who's what on hover. So what's the point?

And the UI and fonts probably need a complete overhaul.


Hi, please keep in mind that this is only a demo for the core gameplay loop. There are plans for adding more content that will make progression more rewarding!


pro tip: the more worldbreakers you have, the better your golf game becomes.

Looks like a great little game to play on my Galaxy Fold 3, but i can't see about a third of the screen due to the aspect ratio.

Is there anything you can do about that?

I tried to optimize the web build for most phones also, but I guess it just doesn't work on all devices for now. A dedicated mobile release is planned later, until that I'm afraid there is not much that can be done...

I managed a workaround for this issue by forcing the browser to be rendered at 16:9 in the Full Screen Apps setting.

It's very hard to read the stats difference when you're dragging a new item to a dwarf because your finger is in the way, so using an S-Pen is recommended.

Is there anything you can do about the music? Even if I switch tabs on PC or the phone screen locks the music keeps playing full blast. It should probably mute when the tab loses focus.

Glad you could make it work. There is a volume slider in the options menu.

Very fun game :)
Some recommendations after a few play throughs...
1) It would be nice to have the background in the shop change color for item rarity (so you don't have to hover each refresh to check).
2) It would be nice to have a way to check what is equipped on a character without having to swap out another item of that type.
3) More verbose descriptions of the ultimate abilities would also be nice.

Glad you liked the game!

1) That sounds like a good idea, I'll look into it.

2) A detailed dwarf view is planned, I'm just not completely sure of how I will implement it.

3) There is a description in the "Guide" if you press ESC, or do you mean you want more than that?

Regarding 3 -- Some abilities like Axe Throw don't specify how much damage (or even if it does damage). I also noticed my bow appeared to have a high chance to miss early on when there are fewer enemies -- is there a stat to improve the accuracy for it?

Good point, I'll have to add that. Just for your info: Axe Throw deals melee damage (STR + some random number between min and max attack) and no, dwarf archers are just really bad at aiming and you should only use them against many enemies.

dwarf archers are bad at aiming... this makes sense! the bow is the Elf's tool after all ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

I ran into an issue where I only have my healer left, but the enemy archers can't out dps my healer... the result is the battle has been going for a VERY long time... (I just left it open in it a tab to see if it would eventually time out). -- Update I just looked at it again to take a screenshot and now my healer is slowly attacking so the stalemate might eventually be broken :)

Yeah that is an issue, the current fix is that after 180 seconds of stalemate all healers/supporters will use their ultimate one last time and then enter melee combat (aka "The last march of the dwarves").

I had a similar issue with battles going to the stalemate timer against large groups of banner orcs.

Ah, so that's what happened! I also encountered a mob of banner orcs and thought I had to end the game manually because they just kept on healing. Good to know there's a way out and we don't have to abandon our crew.

I would like a way to swap my theif's knives because I can't seem to switch the first knife, I can only switch the second.

Yeah, I'll have to come up with something. At the moment the only way to swap the main-hand knife is to give the dwarf a different weapon.

I think that you should make some dwarfs rarer and have better stats. Then you buy them in the shop and you have to get to higher difficulties to unlock better dwarves. Unless there are rare dwarves and I just haven't found them yet.

(1 edit)

Dwarves actually have randomized stats, so it is possible to find very different ones. It is just not shown visually (maybe I should reflect that somehow). Most notably is probably the speed stat which can range from base 5 to base 15. You can hover over the dwarf before buying him to see the stats.

In the future I plan to implement permanent upgrade possibilities for the dwarves.

what are the 2 slots beneath the dwarves?

(1 edit)

This are slots for artifacts, which will be implemented in a future patch.

also just wanna ask are a bunch of gear in the game designed after a certain game that ends with the name knight? because some of the gear looks similar

I drew inspiration from a lot of random things to be honest. So while I was not looking at a specific game, it might have happened unconsciously. Which game are you talking about?

soul knight


i love it

Art & Music get a 10/10

  • Once ingame, I found no way to access the menu again
  • First shop should always contain a dwarf
  • Would be nice to see which part of a dwarf's stats stems from items and which are base stats

Also I think the lategame could become a lot more fun if it wasn't all about comparing item stats. Would be cool if one could pay to upgrade the shop to have a better chance at getting high rarity items, and also if higher rarity items were guaranteed to have a significantly better stat total.


Thanks for playing  :)
I appreciate the feedback.

- At the moment there is unfortunately no way to access the menu again. I'll have to change this at some point in the future
- Hmm... I'll think about that.
- Yes! A detailed dwarf view is planned. I just did not get around to implement that yet.

Lategame needs some form of a gold sink; being able to upgrade the shop could be a good solution. I'll look into it.

Lots of fun and a great game, though the demo seems to hit a ceiling beyond which there's not much advancement, except perhaps hoping for a mythic item to drop? Maybe it's just my lack of imagination, but I wish there were a little more versatility with the characters (maybe a bench?). It seems like my crew got stuck in particular roles that I can't change without messing with the synergies (except thief <=> archer). With this build, so long as I avoid fire/lightning opps, I'm almost invincible. Would love quests, special/unique characters, and a bench with characters I can sub in and out to face different groups. Thanks for all your work!

Hi, thank you for playing and your feedback! It is true that the demo hits a ceiling as enemy scaling basically stops after battle 75 (only their health will keep increasing after that). I did not expect people to get beyond this point so fast :D

But that is why it is tagged as a demo, many ideas are not implemented yet.

You actually can try several interesting switches: E.g. level a priest (+wisdom) and then switch to a great ultimate. Or go from warrior (+strength = increased melee damage) to thief. I do understand what you mean though, you usually feel kind of stuck with your chosen roles.

I'll think about the bench idea. Sounds definitely interesting.

Further planned features (you can find more information on discord):
- Boss battles at certain checkpoints (e.g. battle 25, 50, etc.)
- Persistent skill tree
- Artifacts (for the 2 slots below your dwarves) with certain special powers

Please name the bench as "tavern" because where else would the dwarves spend their free time

Just a small thing i noticed was when i had one support dwarf left and no other left, against two archers they were shooting over my last darf so the game never endded. But even with that i enjoyed your game.

Hey, thanks for catching that issue. I'll fix it in the next patch!


cool game! very fun to play.

just curious: how does difficulty scale?

Hey, thanks for playing!

The further you progress, the more enemies you will encounter (number wise). Also, enemies will wear better/different equipment and their total health increases with every battle.

further meaning more battles I assume?



Very enjoyable, it is on my list of games to play when avoiding work 🤣🤣

Thanks for playing and the video!

At first I was like "Ok, yeah. Another idle battler...", then I found myself jamming out to the menu music while playing another game, so I decided to send a few matches, and it's got charm and is a bit addicting.

I suggest allowing the naming of Dwarves, as that would make it easier to track, and mean more when they fail/succeed.

Click-dragging would be nice in the pre-battle screen.

Awesome game!

Thank you for playing. Music credits go to:
I got the dwarf naming suggestion several times now, I just might consider it. Though I like the goofy random names they are getting.

I actually wanted the inventory to be click-dragging but it turned out like this and I was just like "ok, that works for now". Might make adjustments in the future.

Thanks again! If you liked the game, you might consider wishlisting it on Steam.

Crazy, how long did that take? :D
We have a dedicated channel on discord for posting highscores and teams if you are interested.

ha. i had a 90 right after funny enough. As forhow long? too long 😂

Avoiding Discord for a bit, but once i can, would open it up and join

Lost track of time while playing it.  Soo fun.  Got up to level 50.  And i'm probably dumb for asking this, but can't figure out the what's 2 small box below the dwarf in the battle preparation phase.

Glad you seemed to enjoy the game! The boxes are just placeholders for artifacts which will be added in a future update. You are not the first who got confused by those...

Still a great game, but maybe if you made the loot drop from battle more often, especially late game, it would help because it's hard to find good loot in the shop. So im thinking, maybe if loot would drop more often we would be less likely to be demolished in the late game. Basically im saying make it easier to get better loot late game because im finding it hard to get good loot and end up getting destroyed by level 25.

I know the comment is very repetitive with "Late game" but im not the best at getting to the point.

Hi, I am currently observing the loot drop rate. The idea is that loot is rare, but powerful. I plan to add additional items (artifacts) that will increase the drop rate and quality level. Feel free to join the discord if you want to have a chat or discuss things in more detail.

I'm really enjoying it so far! One thing I would like though is a volume slider, not just a way to toggle the music on or off at the start screen. I'd also like there to be sound effects when the characters clash/cast spells/etc. and different music during the battle and during the menus.

You have a solid foundation, I hope you keep building on it. 

Sure, a volume slider should be no problem to add. My issue is that I always play games with music/sounds off, so I did not think about that. I'm not sure if adding sounds for every attack won't become a huge mess. Maybe I'll make some tests at some point, but as I said, I'm a no-sound-player so it doesn't have a high priority right now...

Thank you, I'll keep building :)

Haha, I like playing games like these while watching Youtube. But the sound of the game was louder than that of the video, and I couldn't adjust the volume of the browser or it would change it of *every* browser window. 

I can see why sounds to attacks would become a bit messy once you have a lot of characters on the screen attacking at once. Still though, I'd be curious to see how it pans out if you ever tested it. Best of luck!

Just right click the tab and click the mute button

Oh damn. Yeah that works too, thanks for letting me know, haha. 

Yup. No problem.

Still Great.  I would suggest different music for the battle scene from the menu/setup scenes.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Having a dedicated battle music is probably a good idea. I'll add it to the list.

Very nice! This is a lot of fun. Much like others have mentioned, a summary screen at the end will be a nice addition. Looking forward to what's next.

Hi, thanks for playing! I will look into it, maybe a "Hall of the Fallen" after a complete run. The next patch should be ready soon.

I've been obsessed for like 2 weeks, the only thing I can think of that would make this so much better besides being abe to save is armor, nothing too fancy, just something like chestplates would be nice for the dwarves.

Glad you like the game. This is still the demo version so expect some things to change/be updated. It is planned to add rings/accessories (the two slots under your dwarf are placeholders for this) just for the stats and/or passive effects.

sounds amazing, thank you.

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